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Chapter Seven: Grouping Evidence
Claire, Alex, and Tina decide to tell Marcus that they think he was right—they believe Tom is running Op X. "We believe Tom is running Op X" is an umbrella argument they will use to make a report of their findings. Beneath that umbrella, they need to put the evidence they have collected in support of the umbrella.

“We have two kinds of evidence,” Alex says, “Stuff we heard from other people about Tom, and stuff we learned from observing Tom ourselves.”

“Ok,” says Claire, “How much evidence do we have of each type?”

What do we do once we've collected a bunch of evidence? We organize it! When you organize evidence, you find new connections between pieces of evidence. Connections between pieces of evidence make all the evidence stronger.

What are Claire, Alex, and Tina going to do with all the evidence they have collected about Tom? *
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