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Research Problem Evaluation
Concept Description:
Thank you for being part of this proof of concept survey for the # 1 chemical social marketplace of researchers and academics. Our team is working on developing a new marketplace that aims to solve the main challenges and pains for researchers and academics to buy, sell and exchange chemicals and lab products. This form has been designed and developed by the Ontacad team.

Your feedback is highly appreciated. The entire survey will not take you more than 3 minutes.

The information collected in this survey is under the guardianship of The Ontacad Foundations. This information will not be passed on to any third parties
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How hard are you to buy, sell or resell .........
Very Hard
Very Easy
Chemicals and lab products from business
Chemicals and lab products from academia
Scientific Instruments and software
Services(like freelance, academic writing...
Availability of both products and services to do R&D tasks
We are building Onatacd, #1 chemical social marketplace for researchers and academics to buy, sell and exchange lab products and chemicals from trusted academia and businesses.
We are building the fastest, cheapest, and simplest way to accelerate research and innovation and reduce risks (cost, time and effort).
Fastest: you can buy lab products and chemicals from other researchers who are located close to you instead of waiting to buy from abroad or a business.
Cheapest: When users share the same interests such as chemicals to reduce the cost of shipping or to buy large amounts at a low cost.
Simplest: just add a post to the timeline, trusted businesses and academia will contact you.
Based on the product description, how interested would you be in buying from our marketplace?
Very Likely
Very unlikely
Buy and sell through our marketplace
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Recommend our products and services to others
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What is the hardest part in the research process? and Why?
Share us about what do you think?
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