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2018-19 RJH Student Climate Survey
We are working to improve our school. This survey is used to find out what our students think about: safety, socialization, interaction with staff, rules and expectations, and your general feelings about school.This is anonymous, please answer truthfully.
How old are you? *
What is your gender? *
What grade are you in? *
What is your race/ethnicity? *
When I am at school, I feel... *
5. I belong.
6.  I am safe.
7.  I have fun learning.
8.  I like this school.
9.  This school is good.
10.  I have freedom at school.
11.  I have choices in what I learn.
12.  My teacher treats me with respect.
13.  My teacher cares about me.
14.  My teacher thinks I will be successful.
When I am at school, I feel... *
15. My teacher listens to my ideas.
16. My principal cares about me.
17. My teacher is a good teacher.
18. My teacher believes I can learn.
19. I am recognized for good work.
20. I am challenged by the work my teacher asks me to do.
21. The work I do in class makes me think.
22. I know what I am supposed to be learning in my classes.
23. I am a  good student.
24. I can be a better student.
When I am at school, I feel... *
25. Very good work is expected at my school.
26. I behave well at school.
27. Students are treated fairly by teachers.
28. Students are treated fairly  by the principal.
29. Students are treated fairly by the people on duty.
30. Students at my school treat me with respect.
31. Students at my school are friendly.
32. I have lots of friends.
33. I have support for learning at home.
34. My family believes I can do well in school.
35. My family wants me to do well in school.
My report card grades are mostly... *
How many times have you been to ISS? *
How often do you attend After School Detention *
Have you ever been a Star Student? *
Have you ever been a VIP Student? *
With in a six weeks period, how often do you get Perfect Attendance?
How do you get to and from school? *
How often do you attend before/after school tutorials? *
Did you attend the iTigers after-school program? *
Did you participate in a UIL event? *
Did you participate in any clubs? *
Which Athletic teams were you a part of? *
What "Good Things" do you like about your school? *
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What suggestions do you have for your school? *
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