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Building Bridges is combating extreme poverty by partnering with humanitarian organizations who have established sustainable programs to empower those in need and bridge them with people and organizations who have skills, time, resources and capacity to serve. You can help!


Our partners are locally based with expert knowledge in the region and demographic they serve. They share their needs ranging from physical support on the ground, to work that can be done remotely, to financial. Examples of need may be physical such as help with a school, medical office, supplies, etc. or they may be in need of human resources including doctors, artists, coaches, teachers, counselors, marketers, graphic designers, IT engineers, accountants, and general laborers.

You create a Builder Profile including your skills and interests as well as your willingness to Go, Serve, and Give. Then we build the bridge between you and the organization in need by recommending projects that match your preferences.

As long as your profile is active, you will be notified whenever a new project is uploaded by our partners. You have complete freedom to select the projects you wish to support; we have simply done the work of narrowing your search for sustainable projects.

Build your profile and we'll Bridge you to opportunities to Go, Serve, and Give!
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