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Phase I - WA Charters School Leadership and Design Fellowship Application
This is Phase I of the WA Charters School Leadership and Design Fellowship Application. It is due January 4. Invitations to apply for Phase II will be extended on January 17. If you are applying as a team, please complete one application as a team, identifying the names and email addresses of all core team members. Thank you for your interest in the WA Charters School Leadership and Design Fellowship!
Name of Applicant(s) *
E-mail Address(es) *
Describe your vision for a charter public school in Washington. Who will you serve? Describe 3-5 design elements that are essential to your school model. (250 words) *
What issues are you looking to address by opening this school? (250 words) *
Where do you propose to locate your school? State the basic geographic area and school district(s) (e.g. Casino Road neighborhood in the Everett School District). What do you know about the educational need in the nearby communities? How do you know this? (250 words) *
What key challenges to opening a charter public school in Washington do you anticipate that you will face? (250 words) *
What experience do you, or members of your design team, have with leading, designing, opening, working in or operating a school? *
Please upload a copy of your resume. If you are working with additional team members, please submit their resumes as well. *
All applicant(s) must provide two professional references. We recommend including a supervisor, a peer, and/or an individual you’ve managed who can speak to the skills and mindsets that make you a match for the Fellowship. Upload a Word document that provides the following information for each reference: name of the applicant(s), name of applicant's reference, title, organization, relationship to the applicant, email, and phone number. *
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