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Application to Present at the 2020 Oregon Fringe Festival April 21-26, 2020 in Ashland, Oregon
**Please Read Thoroughly Before Completing This Application**

The 2020 Oregon Fringe Festival (OFF) will take place from
Tuesday, April 21 – Sunday, April 26, 2020, in Ashland, Oregon.

**The Application Deadline is Monday, December 30, 2019, at 12:00 AM.**
**Late submissions will not be read.**

What is the Oregon Fringe Festival?
Each spring, the Oregon Center for the Arts at Southern Oregon University produces the Oregon Fringe Festival, a multi-day event celebrating outrageous creativity. The OFF is a boundary-breaking platform for free expression. We celebrate unconventional art in unconventional space, and work to secure a tolerant space for the sharing of ideas through story. The OFF is first and foremost a crossroads for SOU students and visiting artists to showcase and engage each other’s creative work. We bring together music, visual art, theatre, and physical theatre, movement and dance, as well as creative writing and spoken word. And, we’re always looking to expand! Please apply with your film, sound installation, etc... anything goes at the OFF and we welcome everyone to present!

Who can apply to the OFF?
Anyone and everyone! The OFF is a fantastic opportunity to present your creative work to a diverse audience. We've hosted artists from all different stages and walks of life, from first-time playwrights and poets to seasoned, Grammy-award winners and professional actors. Every year, we host artists from all over the United States! (The 2019 artist roster represented 12 US states and even a group from the UK!)

What happens if my project is accepted to the OFF?
Artists will receive an email from the OFF with a request to set-up a general Meet and Greet/Production Meeting. At this meeting, a discussion will be had about the specific needs of each respective show, e.g. the appropriate venue for the event, the technical abilities of the selected venue, how many performances the artist would like to give and whether or not we can accommodate that number against the rest of the events on the festival schedule, etc. We’ll also be looking to get a PR package from you (we’ll go over those specs), as well as a due date for those materials. Come April, everything is worked out on our end with the venue and PR, so you can simply show up, perform, and check out the other shows.

Where do OFF artists present their work?
The work of our contributing artists is typically unconventional as are the spaces we provide to showcase it for an audience. Each space has a lot of different capacities. Venues in the past have included anything from large meeting rooms or the shores of a nearby lake to industrial sculpting/painting studios, parks, and even street corners... and everything in between! Each year, our list of venues will experience changes. **When our list for 2020 is finalized, we will post venue-specific specs to the OFF website. Have a venue-related question? Contact**

How large is the OFF?
The Oregon Fringe is a young festival. And, just like a young person, the festival’s constantly growing, experiencing changes, and establishing its identity. What has remained consistent over the last few years, however, is the makeup of our artist roster. It’s a tight-knit community of local acts and students joined by seasoned performers venturing from all over the United States, predominantly the West Coast. **2019 Stats: The OFF saw 45 distinct, separate acts present 70 performances to a total viewership of 1300 people over the five-day event. Although some performances were rather intimate, and many others were well-attended by upwards of 50, 60, 70, even 80 spectators, the average audience size was 19 people. For the 2020 OFF, we’re aiming to lower the number of competing performance slots in an effort to boost the size of each audience.**

How do OFF Artists make money?
We've always striven to make the OFF accessible to everyone. The festival began in 2014 as a free event. As the OFF has grown, more and more professional artists have come to present and need a way to recoup their expenses. In 2019, the OFF launched the posting of a suggested donation for admission to be paid at the door. Specific amounts were set by the artists, not the OFF. In our post-festival research, most audience members donated the full amount requested, which helped artists immensely and enabled the OFF to stay true to its pledge of accessibility while also honoring university policy.

**The 2020 OFF will carry this same model: a suggested donation at the door.**
**The suggested amount is set by the presenting artist, not the Oregon Fringe Festival.**
**100% of the donations are handled/received by the artist––we're not touching the money.**
**Performative content by current Southern Oregon University students must carry a free admission.**

The OFF is also awarding honorariums to select project proposals.


The Oregon Fringe is offering up to ten $1500 honorariums to non-student artists presenting at the 2020 festival. The creative work of these recipients is boundary-breaking, it's unconventional, it excites discussion and explores different perspectives of a held position, principle, or belief.

Honorarium recipients will...
...enter into a contracted agreement with Southern Oregon University to present their creative work(s) at the 2020 Oregon Fringe Festival, occurring April 21-26, 2020.
...present an educational component at the 2020 OFF, e.g. a pre-show discussion or panel, an artist talkback with Q&A, a lecture-demonstration, or masterclass, etc., to be agreed upon between the recipient and the OFF Director. the OFF market and promote their creative work.

**Honorariums will be for $1500, however, no travel or housing costs will be provided.**
**Current SOU students cannot receive an honorarium.**
**The OFF reserves the right to not award all of the ten honorariums.**

The Application Process

Applications to present at the Oregon Fringe Festival (OFF) are reviewed and selected by the Festival Director and a group of Southern Oregon University students from the Theatre, Music, Visual Arts, and Emerging Media & Digital Arts departments to ensure a diversity of work across disciplines fitting the mission of Oregon Fringe.

Once approved, applicants meet with the OFF staff in-person or over the phone to discuss the next step and responsibilities of the artist in producing the content.

Please be encouraged to know that we at the OFF truly want to approve your application! If needed, we will reach out to ask for more information and provide an opportunity for you to better clarify sections of your application before we decide whether or not the project will be at the festival.

If you intend to submit multiple applications, you will need to submit them separately. A single application is required for group submissions.

**The Application Deadline is Monday, December 30, 2019, at 12:00 AM.**
**Late submissions will not be read.**

Responsibilities of the Applicant

The Oregon Fringe Festival is offering space and a context within which to present your work. The OFF will also offer technicians to assist during installs and live performances.

The OFF will not handle any miscellaneous duties related to presenting the work of the applicants, e.g. hang content-specific posters, build sets, handle transportation to/from the event space, travel, nor housing, etc.
Questions? Feel free to email your query to or visit

Please check to be sure your application is complete and detailed before submission.
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