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Vidget Observations & Research Questions
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chairs that have 4 legs and do not move
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When children are presented with a Vidget or traditional chair to use, which one do they request most of the time? *
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How often does the child put their hands in the side handles/use the sensory bumps? *
While in the chair position, what seems to be the preferred energy level for movement? *
How often do the children use the Vidget in the rocking chair position in comparison to desk or stool position? *
How often do you see children using the Vidget as a stool? *
How often do you see children using the Vidget as a desk? *
Describe any changes you observed in the child's ability to focus on completing work tasks while using Vidget as compared to previous behavior. *
Please provide your thoughts on changes with students completing tasks and behavior before and after using Vidgets
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