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Survey Project
This survey is part of a project exploring Asian identity in the tech industry. We are interested in collecting stories about culture and immigration in the context of technology. Feel free to write anything from a few sentences to several paragraphs in the responses - and we hope you will express yourself freely knowing all responses are kept anonymized.
Do you identify as Asian or Asian-American? If not, how would you identify?
Do you work in the tech industry? In what role? Note: This survey is for people who work or worked in the tech industry.
How did you decide to go into the tech industry?
How do you feel like your culture influenced your career choice?
If you were freed from social and economic constraints, what career would you pursue? Why?
Why do you think there are many Asian-Americans in the tech industry, if you believe that is true?
Are you bothered by stereotypes of Asians in the tech industry? In what sense and why?
Do you think the tech industry has been beneficial for Asian workers? Why?
If you were to imagine a US that was more equitable towards Asian Americans, what are some things you would imagine? (ex: what are a few things you hope would be different?)
If you were to imagine a world that was more equitable towards Asia, what are some things you would imagine?
Are there are any other thoughts or experiences you'd like to share on Asian identity and the tech industry?
If you are open to being contacted for a longer-form phone or in-person interview (also anonymous), leave your email here:
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