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Penguicon 2020 Event Submissions
Thank you for your interest in running an event at Penguicon 2020! Please use this form to submit your event as a presenter. If you have a suggestion for an event but do not wish to present it yourself, please use this form:

If you're planning on presenting 3 or more hours of programming at Penguicon, or if you provide your presentation documents for us to publish to the community, you will qualify for a discounted badge price. Panelists that present more than three hours of programming pay $35 for their badge.

Presenters, please complete this form to the best of your ability.

Penguicon is committed to keeping your private information private. We may contact you regarding Penguicon business as needed, but we will not publish your private info, sell it to any third parties, or use it for purposes other than arranging for programming at Penguicon. Submission of this form indicates your willingness to participate in Penguicon 2020.

Confirmation(s) or decline(s) of any event(s) will be emailed to you once our Programming Team processes the applications. If you have not heard from us by March 8, 2020 please email

In the interest of full transparency, this year we are publishing the suggestions made by our attendees and whether those suggestions will make it to programming. No identifying information will be given - only whether or not a presenter has been identified.

Scheduling restrictions and/or requests will be taken into consideration but a specific time/room slot is not guaranteed. Please be sure to specify times when you are not available to present in the "Additional Information" field below.

You MUST fill out this form for EVERY event you plan to present. EACH presenter MUST provide their own, valid email address to be listed as a presenter. Any presenter that does not provide their own (not shared), valid email address will NOT be listed as a presenter.

Please contact with any questions.

Programming Submissions will end February 15, 2020!!
Applicant Name: *
Please provide your legal name. This information should match what you provide to Registration. It is used for contacting you and verifying your status as a presenter. This name will NOT be included in published materials (unless indicated by you below).
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Email: *
Please provide a valid contact email.
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Phone number: *
Please provide your cell number, if possible.
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Preferred Name: *
This is the name you will allow us to use in our promotional materials, publicized schedule, program books, etc.
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Please provide your preferred pronouns.
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Type of Event *
This information is used to aid in descriptions and aid in determining appropriate function space.
Event Title *
Penguicon staff reserves the right to correct grammatical errors, clarify, prevent duplication, brevity, or enhance your title as we see fit to help bring more participants to your panel. We have found that interesting titles that have a play on words do well to draw in participants. For example: "The woods and your backpack" is not as good as "How to survive the zombie apocalypse with just the things in your backpack" for a panel on how to pack your backpack to have everything you need for a week in the woods.
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Event Description *
In paragraph form, please give a brief description of the presentation, panel, workshop, or performance you will be giving. Programming reserves the right to edit your description for spacing, corrections, or any other reason.
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Additional Speakers:
Please list all additional speakers to be included. Use one line per person and include a valid email for each. If you do not have/cannot give their email address, please have them complete the application using the same Event Title you provided above.
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Which track best suits your event? *
Event Length *
All events are 50 minutes in length, including set up/take down. We try to accommodate longer events/set-up/take downs on a case by case basis. Programming Team Staff will contact you directly if you request a longer time. We cannot guarantee space for longer events.
Will you require A/V equipment for your event? *
Please note, you MUST complete this section if you want to request ANY audio (microphones) or video (projectors) equipment for your event. Projectors are limited and may limit the time slots available for your event. Only request a projector if you intend to use one for your event. Penguicon is not able to accommodate last minute requests for A/V equipment. Please remember that presenters are responsible for providing their own input devices and adapters.
Are you open to additional speakers? *
Sometimes Guests of Honor, Featured Guests, or other participants wish to join an event. Are you willing for other such speakers to join your event? (You will be notified by email if this occurs)
Would you like reimbursement for materials? *
Each Track Head has a small budget to aid in costs for programming. Would you like to be contacted about materials reimbursement? ****Please note: Penguicon does not pay speakers fees and will not reimburse the cost of your registration. Choosing yes does not guarantee that Penguicon will reimburse the cost of materials.
If "yes" for materials reimbursement, please describe materials and enter an estimate of your cost here:
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Additional Information:
Please provide any additional information that is needed for scheduling your event. Examples include (but are not limited to) room configuration, expected attendance, special needs, or ANY other information. This is your chance to tell the Programming Team what you want or need for your event. We cannot guarantee anything but we will do our best to accommodate your requests.
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