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Flyer/Promotional Material Request
Please submit all flyer and promotional material requests through this form. Any requests emailed directly to the Communications Manager and/or the Communications Assistant will be asked to complete this form. Please answer the following questions to help us determine the effectiveness of our outreach materials and to make sure we meet your design/communication needs. Please allow a minimum of one week turn around time for proofs. If professional printing services are requested, please allow at least a one month turn around time.
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Please explain your request in detail below. (Date, time, location, and/or specifics around this request). Please include the call to action (Contact us today! -or- RSVP by 1/15/2019 -or- visit website for more information) *
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If you are requesting us to share information on behalf of a business who is hiring, did you verify that the employer has an active MiTalent Account & are the positions they are promoting active Job Postings on MiTalent (for BSP's only). If you answered no to either of these questions, we will not be able to continue this process.
We are measured on the effectiveness of our outreach efforts, therefore, our goal is to identify campaign objectives and metrics for each outreach/promotional material we design. Please take a moment to help us better understand your goal of this request. What outcome are you hoping to gain by distributing this marketing material? Example: 20 people register and attend event, increase program enrollments by 5%, 10 new employer contacts. We are looking for a measurable impact, not just general awareness. *
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