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Mentor Tournament Sign-ups
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What are your desired roles in the Mentor Tournament (Choose all that apply)
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Racers: Briefly summarize your skill level at ALTTP mechanics. Use Shift+Enter to add line breaks if needed.
This could include glitches, boss fights, racing different modes, ALTTPR mechanics routing, average time(s), comfort with various equipment
Mentors: Summarize your skill level for being a mentor in the Mentor Tournament.
In lieu of a mentor introduction channel, this will be the content shared with racers.
Mentors: Approximately how many matches are you willing to take each week?
Numbers only, please.
Restreamers: Briefly summarize your skill level for being a restreamer in the Mentor Tournament. Use Shift+Enter to add line breaks if needed.
Restreamers: What is your typical internet upload speed?  Use or to determine this.
Commentators: Assess your commentary experience.  No experience necessary to apply.
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What time frames are generally ideal for you to do anything ALTTPR related?  Please provide a range (ie. 8pm-10pm weeknights or 20:00-22:00 weeknights).
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