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"Make an Artist a Millionaire" Questionnaire
[In the following, “art” and “artist” are used in the broadest sense to describe visual artists, social practice artists, writers, musicians, filmmakers, etc.]
To what extent should an artist’s ability to make a living on art depend on the quality of their work?
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To what extent should a person’s ability to make a living at their job depend on the quality of their work?
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Should artists be supported only by individuals?
Should artists be subsidized by the government?
Do you purchase artwork and/or musical recordings?
If so, in what media?
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What role should the marketplace play in an artist’s career? (check all that apply)
Please describe the (real or ideal) relationship between the artist and the public.
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Is art a viable career?
Why or why not?
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Is practicing art as a profession, without the safety net of a day job, gambling unreasonably with one’s life and health?
If no, please explain.
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Is a piece of art or music a commodity?
Paying money out or foregoing compensation to expand the audience for one’s art is an investment.
In general, is art undervalued?
Is art overvalued?
What is artistic “genius”?
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At about what age should an artist give up the idea of making a living at art?
At what age should a financial services professional do this?
Should artists be trained and/or certified in the way that doctors, teachers, lawyers, etc. are?
If art were a business, would one be required to have a license to practice it?
If artists were a professional class, what kinds of individuals or organizations would their employers be?
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Based on your knowledge of my artwork and my qualifications for the position of professional artist, please rate my worthiness to become a millionaire (in comparison to other millionaires with whom you're familiar).
least worthy
most worthy
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