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Upekkha Accelerator: Call for applications
Upekkha helps B2B founders build capital-efficient Value SaaS businesses. VSF Basecamp is Upekkha's accelerator program for early-stage B2B SaaS startups.

The key to sustained growth for any B2B SaaS startup is its SaaS Flywheel. The VSF Basecamp Accelerator focuses on crafting your Value SaaS Flywheel. This sets the stage for predictable 2X ARR growth YoY.

We are looking for B2B SaaS startups with early revenues. We love founders with high optionality and an aspiration to create global B2B SaaS brands.

The selection process involves two rounds of interviews - one with the Upekkha Tribe startup founders and one with Upekkha Partners. Interested startups will be required to submit an application form.

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