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All answers in the ABOUT YOU section will remain private - we will only use them to contact you about your event and to keep you informed about whats happening. We'll also add you to our Event Organisers contact list and our main newsletter list so you have all the info as it comes through.
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Area: e.g. Easton / Barton Hill. If its a ride please give the start point. If the ride will include talks/intros/activities at destinations please include those too. If postcode unknown find nearest one to location so we can plot it on a heat map. Cheers! (This info is important to show geographical spread of events at festival for our funders)
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Are you flexible on the time & date of the event? *
We are aiming to have a spread of events happening during the 9 days, we may need to adjust timings so we can feature as many events as we can and avoid clashes
Notes on your flexibility from previous question
Example answers: can do any weekday after 5.45pm / can only do weekends only preferably the first 16th or 17th Sept
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How many people can attend your event? *
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How many volunteers will you need to help you? *
We will be putting a call out of volunteers so we may be able to match you with helpers
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What jobs will the volunteers be doing? *
So we can try and match you with folk who'd like to do the thing that you need doing!
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Long Description *
Spill the beans - tell us about your event. This is only for our use so we really get what your event will be. On the next page we'll ask for your pithy marketing spiel for the programme - so this doesn't need to be polished. Just spill...
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Event Type *
You can choose all that apply to your event
For All Abilities Accessible events - please give details of what forms of disabilities & health conditions you are able to support and include.
A detailed Risk Assessment including a safeguarding section would need to be provided, so that we ensure everyone stays happy and well looked after during festival events.
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Age suitability *
Let us know if your event is aimed at a specific age group. For events for U18s they must be accompanied by an adult or the organisation / individual hold a valid enhanced DBS certificate, have a safeguarding policy in place and detailed risk assessment for this user group.
Is there a charge to participate & how much? *
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What does the charge cover? *
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Any equipment, kit, particular style of bike required *
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All events that are submitted, and are legal, bike related and in greater Bristol will be included on our online interactive event calendar. In our print programme we have space for 45 events - so if we have more entries than this we will choose as wide as possible selection to be included in the print version and promote the rest online and via social media.
Short description (20-30 words) *
Your spiel to include in the programme. Doesn't need to be perfect as we'll probably need to tweak this so it fits on the page/website
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Website / Blog Address that we can link to on our online promotion of the event
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We'd like to create a Facebook event page for you within the Bristol Cycle Festival Facebook page, to make it easy for people to find all the events in one place. You'd be the admin for the event page. Do you agree to regularly monitor the page and respond to enquiries. *
Don't worry if you don't opt for a having a Bristol Cycle Festival facebook event page you can still be included in the programme we just won't create a Facebook event. For those that do agree to having & monitoring a event page we may be in a position to pay for some Facebook advertising for a selection of events that could do with a boost. No promises ... just saying!
Your personal / organisation's social media details: facebook, twitter & instagram.
We will use these to tag you in any social media posts about your event. A facebook profile/page is required to set up a dedicated Facebook Event Page for you.
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Which other organisations/charities/companies/shops/artists/venues will be involved in the event? Please give their social media details - cheers
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Races, Time Trials, Sportifs etc
Is your event competitive? eg races / time trial *
Our insurance only covers non competitive cycling events - so for any of the above events you would need to work with an organisation that has insurance specific to this type of event eg CTC, Cycle Club, Audax
If it is a competitive event, which organisation will you be working with to produce this competitive event? *
Type n/a if your event is not competitive. N.B. To make your event non competitive prizes can still be awarded but either to everyone who participates or "spot" prizes at random. Also use this section if you've any comments or queries about your competitive event.
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I agree to follow the policies & procedures of the organisation I'm working with/for to create this competitive event. I agree to send the details of their £5m Public Liability Insurance to Bristol Cycle Festival by 20th Aug 2017 *
I agree to register my event on Bike Week UK by Sunday 20th August *
Sorry its another form but its how we get you free event insurance. Besides you can use the same answers as here. Go to:
I agree to complete a risk assessment and send it to Bristol Cycle Festival by 31st Aug *
Don't worry we'll have a template for you to complete and host an informal session to help you complete it.
I agree to complete a short Bristol Cycle Festival feedback form for my event by the end of the end of the festival (24th September) *
This is very important so that we can gain funding for future years
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