Request edit access Google Cloud For Startups has worked with the Google Cloud for Startups team to extend the Google Cloud for Startups program to Xoogler Founders! Startups with Xoogler founders can now ask to be nominated to the Spark tier of the program which will offer them up to $20K in GCP credits over the course of 1 year plus many more benefits.

- Meet our Spark requirements (
- At least one founder is a Xoogler
- Location must be in an approved territory (

- After you've signed up to be a member of, send an email to, include your Google LDAP which will be verified
- After your Xoogler and founder status is verified you will be nominated to Spark
- Fill out the application that is sent and the Google Cloud Platform team will respond upon review

Thank you Sam O'Keefe ( and her team for offering this to Xoogler Entrepreneurs!

Xooglers - learn more at and

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