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Expression of Interest (EOI) - Collaborative Internet Research Project

AFRINIC has organised two academic workshops at AFRICOMM in 2017 and 2018 with the main objective of initiating and accelerating collaboration among internet researchers in Africa. The aim was to facilitate discussions around the evolution of Africa’s Internet landscape and to formulate strategic directions for Internet research in the continent. We also aimed, by the two workshops, to establish a good understanding of the breadth of research about Africa’s Internet conducted by both regional and International institutions.

In the same vein, and in a view to strengthen and foster research collaborations between AFRINIC and research/academic institutions across the continent, AFRINIC would like to establish partnerships in areas of technical and policy-based Internet research with focus on issues faced by network operators and end-users in Africa. AFRINIC hereby invites interested parties to fill out this Expression Of Interest form as the first step in establishing the research partnership with us.

The specific research areas we are interested in are:

- End-to-end Internet performance measurement
- Internet topology characteristics, including peering and routing
- Application-level performance, including DNS, Web, CDNs, Cloud Computing
- Detection of middleboxes, censorship, and content filtering
- Data analytics and visualization for network monitoring and traffic analysis
- Network topology and performance visualization
- Internet access, use, and quality of experience
- Network security and data privacy
- Internet protocols development
- Internet policy

Please fill out this Expression of Interest form. For any information, please contact us on <>.

Follow the link below to see a list of projects AFRINIC would like to collaborate on:

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