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Fat Studies MOOO
The Fat Studies MOOO (like a MOOC, but fat!) is a massive online open offering hosted by Friend of Marilyn. The intention is to provide an accessible space for those interested to come together and learn and engage around a Fat Studies topic. The MOOO will allow for global advancement of the Fat Studies discipline through an innovative methodology/technology to enhance scholars, researchers, and activists, working in this space. It will also allow for increased public engagement with Fat Studies research and related societal issues for fat people. This will improve social welfare, and enhance the quality of life for fat people across the world.

We aim to host a Fat Studies MOOO each month; registration is required for each event.

Topic: Advancing the Fat Pedagogy Manifesto: Current and future actions
Guest scholar: Erin Cameron
Revolutions often start with manifestos—statements that help frame a social movement, big or small. In their award-winning book The Fat Pedagogy Reader: Challenging Weight-Based Oppression through Critical Education, Drs. Connie Russell and Erin Cameron conclude by identifying nine elements they believe to be important in the emerging field of fat pedagogy. They argue that the manifesto is a beginning and can serve as a catalyst for reflection, discussion, and action—but that more scholarship, stories, and support of all sorts are needed to make a greater difference in the world. In response, this session will endeavor to build upon the fat pedagogy manifesto. It will examine the nine elements, identifying how the elements have been taken up and identify new elements requiring attention. Participants will be encouraged to reflect on the role of education in the reproduction or disruption of weight-based oppression. Lastly, participants will be encouraged to consider their roles in advancing fat pedagogy in both formal and informal educational settings to allow for the flourishing of all bodies.

Erin Cameron is an Assistant Professor at the Northern Ontario School of Medicine. As a critical education scholar, her research focuses on fat pedagogy, social accountability discourses, community-engaged education, and cultural safety education. An award-winning author (The Fat Pedagogy Reader: Challenging Weight-Based Oppression through Critical Education; Peter Lang, 2016), Erin works to re-imagine education that is inclusive of size diversity.

Event Details
29 May at 3pm Pacific Time

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