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Real Estate Exchange Seller Questionnaire
Approximate Time to Complete...5 to 10 Minutes

Please fill out this form completely so that we may best consult with you.

The answers to these questions are completely confidential, but you may feel free to withhold any answers until we speak in person or by phone, if you so choose.

You may also come back and edit these answers at any time.

If you have any questions, please call us at 240-338-8355.
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Enter the full name of the person filling out this questionnaire. This is not an application of any sort, and you will have the opportunity to add names later, as necessary.
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Check all modes of communication you will monitor and be responsive to throughout this process. If you only want to be contacted in one manner, please check only one box. If selling with a spouse, girlfriend/boyfriend, etc., we can gather their information at a later time.
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