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Global Ambassador Application
Become a Global Ambassador for Xanthochroid and host your own album release party!
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Will your event be open to all fans in the area, or will it be private? *
Do you have an adequate sound system? *
Describe your sound equipment (if you do not have any, indicate that you will rent or borrow it) *
Are you able to print materials you will receive in your host kit? (lyrics, story notes, invitations, posters) *
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Would you be interested in joining a Facebook group with other Global Ambassadors to share ideas and goals for your event?
Are you willing to follow the guidelines in your host kit so that your event is as successful as possible? *
As a host, you will receive a digital copy of the album before it is released. Are you willing to sign an NDA (non-disclosure agreement), and promise not to share the album on social media, torrent sites, youtube, or other file sharing sites? *
How excited are you on a scale of 1-10?
Not excited at all, what a stupid idea
Excited as that kid who got an N64 for christmas and ended up all over the internet, in other words, my reaction to this event will go viral, that's how excited I am
Thank you
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