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2019-2020 BHS Jazz Audition Registration Form
Dear Musicians,

We are so excited about your interest in BHS Jazz!

Signing up to audition is a three-step process. The first step is to review all of the information on our auditions webpage and read our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page. The second step is to complete this registration form. To do so you will need your own and your parent(s) /guardian(s) contact information (name, email address, day and evening phone numbers, and street address). You can optionally provide contact information for a second parent/guardian. It is very important that at least one parent/guardian phone number and email address is provided, so we can contact them if we need to communicate with you about your audition.

In addition, we have some optional questions seeking information (for example, race, income, etc.) that is often requested by organizations that currently, or may in the future, fund our program. This information will be kept confidential and you do not have to provide it. Your responses will not be shared with or considered by the audition judges or the program director.

Once you are finished with this form, you will land on a page where you can move on to step three---reserving an audition slot. Please make sure you click the link for the registration form for the instrument on which you want to audition. The audition days are listed on the website.

Please choose your audition slot carefully as we are NOT able to accommodate change requests. And, unfortunately, if your preferred slot is not available, we cannot arrange an alternative. You will have to select from the remaining available slots. If all of the slots for your instrument are taken, please email us at right away.

If you are auditioning on two different instruments (e.g., drums and trumpet), you will need to sign up for each instrument separately. However, if you are auditioning on two different woodwinds (e.g., bari and flute), you should only sign up for a single woodwinds slot. Once you submit, you will see the links to the sign up forms---be sure to note the URL for each instrument on which you plan to audition.

The audition process is organized by volunteer parents. Please do NOT contact the director, Sarah Cline, with questions or special requests. If you have questions, please consult our Frequently Asked Questions page first. If that page does not have the answer to your question, please email We will get back to you as soon as possible. But, since we are a parent volunteer organization, please allow us 24 hours to respond.

We know that this is can be a stressful process for students and, as a result, for their families. We, and our own students, have all been there (and are there now since all students, including currently enrolled students, must audition every year)!

Best of luck to each of you.

Berkeley High Jazz Association

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