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PancakeFork.Finance Airdrop : 1000 Lucky Participant will get $40 Worth of "CAKF" Token
✅🚀If you have missed the massive gain in 'CAKE' Token of PancakeSwap make sure you don't miss the 'CAKF' Token of PancakeFork Finance. Buckle up guys! We're going for a ride! Our next stop is the 🌕 moon! 

✅🚀PancakeFork is a new DeFi Project & big competitor of PancakeSwap. PancakeFork Finance Developed its own Decentralized Exchange which offers Trading at a very low price compared to PancakeSwap. 

✅🚀Farming & Pools are already in PancakeFork Finance & giving massive return upto 8,722.62% APR 🚀🚀🔥🔥
🌐 Website:
🔹🔥CAKF Token Contract: 0xae6e3b04d3eb991e30fa2474563fe2a89e351cda

✅✅✅Complete the following tasks and fill the below form to participate:

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"CAKF" is BEP-20 token, therefore you can store in an Binance Smart Chain Wallet (Put your MetaMask, Trust Wallet, MyEther wallet address)
We Invite Everyone to Visit our site PancakeFork.Finance. Take Benefits of High APR from Farms & Pools. Website Link:- ##✅Airdrop will be distributed on 31st July, Total 1000 Participant will win $40 worth of "CAKF" Token for free. ##✅Do not forget to add CAKF token in your Wallet: CAKF Address : 0xae6e3b04d3eb991e30fa2474563fe2a89e351cda
PancakeFork Finance YouTube Contest for All. Everyone can Join this Contest, Just create a Video & Upload in Your YouTube Chanel.
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