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College and Career Readiness Day 2016
This year our College/Career Readiness Day is STEM (science, technology, engineering & math) themed. Please read through the following presentations and choose 3.

You will be expected to follow your schedule so choose career sessions you are interested in learning more about!

Available Sessions:

1. What are STEM careers and what types of jobs can you get?
If you don’t know what STEM is really about, this is the session for you. Learn all about the different high demand STEM fields and what careers are available to you.

2. 2 + 2 = 4 – High demand jobs and Math
Math is a high demand skill for the work force. Find out about the many careers that you can pursue in the math field. Many jobs utilize math skills and most careers require some sort of math skills. Learn more about those skills in this exciting session.

3. Winning Impressions – Interview Skills
Every student will have a job interview at some point in their lives. In this session you will learn about valuable interview skills that may help you land a job.

4. Legos 101 – Engineering Careers
Do you like to build items and figure out how things work? Then the high demand engineering field may be right for you. There are many types of engineering degrees and careers. Learn about engineering from one of the best engineering colleges in the country, the University of Akron.

5. STEM & the Military
Several representatives from the US armed services will present on the many STEM careers in the military. If you’ve thought about military service and what it has to offer, this presentation is for you. There are many STEM related careers within the military.

6. CSI & Forensic Science
Do you find yourself watching CSI and other crime related shows because you are interested in how they use physical evidence to solve crimes? This is the session for you! Learn about how to have a career as a crime scene investigator/analyst.

7. iRobot
Many corporations use robots to perform many different functions but someone has to know how to program and run those robots. Learn from one company about their use of robots in their manufacturing plant and the skills needed to operate robots.

8. Social Media & Sports
Hear from one of our SC graduates who is now working for the Iowa State University football team handling all of their social media information. He will discuss the skills needed and the scope of his job responsibilities. This is a growing field and a high demand career.

9. Art & Computers – Are you artistic and enjoy using your creativity with computers? Learn how you can create masterpieces through the Visual Media Technology program.

10. Computer Skills – There is a large demand in the workforce for individuals with computer skills and knowledge. Learn about the various careers in the field of computer technology. Everyone needs to have good computer skills!

11. Nutrition/Physical Therapy- If you enjoy teaching people about how to eat right and teach them about healthy lifestyles then come and listen to staff from Fisher Titus Medical Center speak on careers such as Nutritionist and Physical Therapy.

12. OSU-ATI – Ag & Stem
Come and learn more about STEM majors and careers from OSU-ATI (College of Food, Agriculture, and Environmental Sciences).

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