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Application for Summer Camp - Fratarski 2019
Christian Camp for youth (16+)
We are sorry, but the registrations for Summer Camp are closed due to accommodation capacity!
Time and place:
11th to 18th of August, 2019, Fratarski Island, 52100 Pula, Croatia
All information you are providing us in this Application form are confidential and they will not be shared with third part. These information will be used for communication with you regarding this event only.
15th of July, 2019
Camp Price:
70 €
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You can pay with cash on site.
Current regulations relating to Child Protection issues and taking photographs/videos of young people require that we obtain a consent from your parent/trustee for any picture/video taken that includes you and which is going to be used in either video or printed publication (without your name). I understand that this consent I have to bring with me printed and signed (by parent/trustee) on this event (You can download it here:
We are looking forward to see you!
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