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Mutual Aid Support

Recently, during a meeting discussing the public health and infrastructural impact of the coronavirus pandemic, it became clear that we need to be thinking about some big picture issues as we face a prolonged crisis, and potential crises to follow.  Many of us, right now and very soon, will be facing economic hardships as our jobs are lost due to the ‘shelter-in-place’ decree.  The truth is, we don’t know how long this will last.  In such a situation, the Sharing Fund and a broader mutual aid inventory will be a way that we can care for each others’ needs.

We know it is hard to ask for and receive support. We get all sorts of messages in our capitalistic, consumeristic society that we should be strong, independent, and able to make it on our own. We get messages that it’s shameful and our fault if we can’t. Please recognize those message for the falsities they are and be honest, if you can, about what you might need.

We are all in this together. And now is the time for mutual aid networks to fill in the huge gaps in services, goods, wisdom, and care that are torn open by this crisis and the crises we should expect to follow. Let's look to our spiritual ancestors, the Anabaptists, with their belief in the "community of goods” as our models for surviving together in difficult times.

To that end, FMCSF has created a committee, The Mutual Aid Committee, tasked to take inventory of resources that the community can collectively tap into to live in these uncertain and troubled times, and the times to come.  We want to know what resources you would like to see the community make available, and know what resources you have to offer to the collective as well.  For example, maybe you have medical or gardening expertise, or an extra bedroom or yard space that can be converted to a food garden.  Perhaps you have basic maintenance skills and a collection of power tools. Maybe you would like help with access to a car because you can’t afford one, or would like to transition out of car ownership.  Perhaps you have extra money that can go into the Sharing Fund for rent assistance for those laid-off.  Please fill out the questionnaire below.

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