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New Customer Maintenance Form
Welcome to Pfefferle Lawns! This form is to help us make sure we provide the best service to our customers, and to explain our billing practices.
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Pfefferle Lawns has 15 day terms for routine monthly maintenance. Here at Pfefferle Lawns we do not require yearly contracts to be signed, nor do we charge a cancellation fee. Your yearly cost is averaged over 12 months. Therefore, if for any reason you need to cancel services before the 12-month period, the sum of your total cuts will be obtained, and if any additional amount is owed it will be on your last bill. If for any reason a cut credit needs to be issued during a billing cycle it will be based off of the price per cut, not the monthly rate. Please note that your monthly price is based off of the frequency of cuts. Therefore, If the customer requests a week to be skipped for any reason then the cost of the next visit could be more due to longer clean up time. If you start services mid month we will only charge partial for that month. The initial visit could cost more if extra clean up is required to be able to properly maintain thereafter. We take pride in our work and love what we do! Thank you for joining Pfefferle Lawns! *
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