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Application for Dobyns-Bennett Cyber Tribe - US FIRST Robotics Team - NEW TEAM MEMBER 2017-2018
If you've never been a part of the D-B Cyber Tribe, but are interested in joining, please answer the following questions as best you can. For the written response type of questions, 35 to 100 words would be a good range for each.

Before beginning though...

A motto used by FIRST Robotics is "The hardest fun you will ever have!" Being a member of the Cyber Tribe is a commitment, but it can be easily incorporated to any schedule with some good time management. In the fall, we usually have something to do about one afternoon a week. In March and April, team members in certain roles might work several afternoons per week, while others may rarely need to come in. In the core build window during January and February the team works every weekday afternoon and usually from 9-5 on Saturdays. Team members don't have to be there every single day, but earning more hours will earn you more money to use towards payment of the competitions at the end of the season.

The work is worth it, though! Seeing the 140 lb robot we build run around the tournament field wirelessly at 10 ft/sec shooting, climbing, lifting, or whatever the game calls for to win rounds or even win competitions against rivals from Tennessee, or teams from South Carolina, Florida, Texas and beyond is simply incredible.

There are many roles on the team besides programming and building the robot though, and they are just as important. We need people to become experts on the rules, design the logos for the team, earn sponsorship for the team, and much more. If you think you would be interested in finding out more, please apply and let us show you how much fun you can have and how much you can learn through robotics.

Deadline for a completed application is Tuesday October 2, 2018

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If you are interested in joining the team, your interest must be based on some knowledge. What do you know about FIRST Robotics and/or the Cyber Tribe and where did you learn it? *
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Please indicate your interest in the following team roles *
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Not at all interested
Robot design, especially with CAD
Building mechanical parts of the robot
Building electrical parts of the robot
Programming the robot
Designing and creating things related to the team image (banners, buttons, t-shirts, competition "pit")
Team media (photo, video, web, social)
Money, accounting, interacting with sponsors
Planning, organizing, keeping the whole team running smoothly
Rules expert, game strategy, scouting the competition
For your top one or two roles of interest, please describe why that is such an interest and what you feel you can bring to that role. *
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In what other activities are you involved? How will you manage to balance those, homework, and sleep with the time required for CyberTribe? *
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What previous experiences have you had that you believe will add to the CyberTribe team? *
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This year, the team is subsidizing the cost of going to a competition based on how many hours you get. However, there still will be a minimum requirement for hours in order to go to a competition, around 50. How likely do you feel you will be able to achieve 50 hours by March? *
Please indicate what you know about your availability for possible competition dates in 2019. *
Very likely to be available
No known conflicts now, but something could come up
Very likely or certain to NOT be available
Feb 26 - March 4 (possible date)
Mar 5-11 (possible date)
Mar 12-18 (likely date) - Sat is Spring Break
Mar 19-25 (likely date) - During Spring Break
Mar 26 - Apr 1 (unlikely date)
Apr 2 - Apr 8 (unlikely date)
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