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ODISSEU: Online Game, Mohammed's story demo review.
This Survey applies only to teachers of secondary school education and student's who have play the demo version of Mohammed's story and it takes approximately 5 - 10 minutes.

ODISSEU is a project funded by the European Union.

ODISSEU game is a first person experiential game for secondary students follows a young person’s journey from oppression in their home country to exile in a country of asylum. This innovative online simulation game aims to increase understanding and raise awareness of refugee issues among secondary school students while developing life skills.

GDPR: All the information gathered through this survey, will be strictly used explicitly for scientific research. The responses will be handled in a discreet manner, confidentiality and anonymity is granted to all participants. The answers will be saved in a properly secured place, with no authorization to anyone apart the Research Team.

All relevant data will be destroyed-deleted after the pass of 2 years.

If for any reason during the survey you feel uncomfortable you can stop anytime.

You can contact the Survey Creators using the email provided below for any assistance and further information.

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For more information about the project you can visit our Page:

We remain at your disposal for any further communication.

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ODISSEU Consortium
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Feedback on Mohammed's story (demo)
Instructions: Grade the items below by circling the corresponding score on a scale from 1 “Strongly Agree” to 5 “Strongly Disagree”.
The story was well organized and presented *
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The language was clear *
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The navigation was easy *
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The images helped me understand the content *
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I have better knowledge about the topic *
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The online game on Mohammed story helped me to be more concern around migration *
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I want to play again the other stories when available *
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I would recommend the game to my friends *
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Evaluate your overall experience *
Feedback on Mohammed's story
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Name the 2 most interesting things you learned *
If you were asked to change one thing, what would that be? *
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