2013-14 Category I Form: MCC Group Activity

Additional information is provided throughout this form to assist you with your submissions to, and interactions, with the Flex Office. It is expected that you will read and consider it carefully.

    Facilitators should use this form to request flex-eligibility for an activity that is for a *subset* of MiraCostans.

    Submission of the form does not guarantee flex-eligibility. The activity must meet the criteria for professional development and be reviewed in the Flex Office. Facilitators will be contacted within ten (10) days of submission. To submit a Category I form, keep reading and click "Continue" below.

    If the activity could be flex-eligible for *all* MiraCostans, the facilitator must submit a Category I Workshop proposal instead of this form.

    The workshop proposal form can be found on the "Forms" page of the PDP website. To submit a Category I form, keep reading and click "Continue" below.

    See the PDP website (http://tinyurl.com/pdpmcc) for more information.

    Category I forms are appropriate only when the activity applies to a subset of MCC faculty/staff (at least two) who will claim flex credit for the same activity at the same time. If ANY faculty/staff member could claim credit for it, then the facilitator must propose the activity as a workshop for everyone.


    Do NOT use this form! It is the responsibility of the activity facilitator to file this form with the Flex Office. If you are trying to record credit for a Category I MCC Group Activity on your transcript, contact the activity facilitator for instructions (s/he received these instructions via email if the activity was approved). Credit will be denied for improperly recorded activities.