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Fall 2019 Idahome Academy Class Proposal
Thank you for being willing to mentor students along their journey of lifelong learning!
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Class Name *
How do you want your class identified? For example, "Knitting," or "Math Alive," or "Art through Dance."
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Class Subject
What subjects will your class cover? For example, "Culture and History," or "Literature, Life Skills, and Physical Education."
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Age Group *
What age group is this class designed for?
Class Size *
What is the maximum number of students you want in your class? (Default number is 15)
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What will students learn? What will they experience/explore/see/feel/do? What is your vision for this class?
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Cost *
Is there a course fee? Are there any additional costs that the student will need to cover (supplies, books, field trips, costumes, etc.)?
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Student Expectations
Are there any items students will need to provide? What is the estimated number of hours of outside work required? Books to read? Large projects or field trips?
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Parent Expectations
Will parents be expected to contribute? Will parents need to follow up with homework requirements? What communication will you expect?
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If you have specific classroom needs (for example, a piano, a large dance floor, a stage, or a kitchen) please write them here. Otherwise, leave this question blank.
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