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MahoganyBooks Inventory Submission
Yay! You published your book, congratulations! We can only imagine the effort, time, money and energy it took to get this far, congrats fam! Thank you for reaching out to MahoganyBooks.

This form is a request for MahoganyBooks to carry completed physical copies of your book IN STORE at our Washington, DC location. Due to the unusual amount of requests, we will only respond and contact those authors whose books will be sold in store. Our preferred method is ordering your title directly from a national distributor such as Ingram Books as it allows us to streamline the process and be most responsive to our customer needs. We will contact you directly to procure your book if needed. Please be patient with us. We will review each inventory submission as your work is very important to us but kindly ask that you do not contact us or submit this form more than once in a six month period. Doing so risks having your submission removed from the consideration process. Please complete all fields.

This form is NOT for author events. If interested in hosting an in store appearance, please visit:

Thank you again for considering MahoganyBooks.
Note: guidelines subject to change
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