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Discovery Questionnaire - Social Media
This questionnaire is necessary to ensure good, clear communication as a first step on the social media assistance process and will enable me to prepare for the next appropriate steps.  Please take a little time to fill in this questionnaire
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Name of your business *
Website url and social media handle *
Describe your business/service *
What are your reasons for reaching out? *
What social media efforts have you tried that have worked in the past or present? *
What social media efforts have you tried that have NOT worked in the past or present? *
What are your goals with social media? *
Describe your ideal customer  Age, sex, location, their interests, their budget area etc *
What are your business values? *
How have you been engaging with your following? *
Who are your main competitors? (Please name them if possible) *
What challenges does your business face at this time? (Internal/External) *
What strengths/opportunities does your business have at this time?  (Internal/External) *
Ideally, how often would you like to be posting? *
Think longevity, what can be maintained. If you would like to post daily, is good quality content there to post daily long term? Is 3 times per week more sustainable. It's all about consistency. Please be realistic with your answer
What is your monthly budget? *
What are your business goals over the next 12 months? *
Does your business have a written marketing plan? If so would you be willing to share with Atlantic Social to incorporate the work of developing your Social Media Strategic Plan? *
Please enter any other information you'd like to share in relation to your social media.
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