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Employers Feedback Form for "Review of Syllabus"
Feedback on "Review of Syllabus"
1) Name of the Respondent *
2) Name of the organisation you are associated with *
3) Designation *
4) Contact Number *
5) Email ID *
6) Please rate the achievement of the following learning values through SPPU curriculum. (ASK) *
7) How do rate the capability of curriculum to be compatible with the industry standard and applicability to real life situations. *
8) Please rate the sufficiency of curriculum to enable students analyze the given problem & identify the necessary solutions *
9) Your opinion on capability of present curriculum on enhancing employability of students. *
10) Do you feel that the curriculum of SPPU is appropriate in order to make you a successful professional ? *
11) How do you rate the SPPU curriculum in terms of ethical behaviour and social sensitization *
12) Give Overall rating for the curriculum *
13) Please provide suggestions if any for the enrichment of SPPU curriculum *
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