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YWCA of India and Safetipin Campaign- Lourdes Matha Institute of Management Studies
The safety and security of women have been a matter of grave concerns for a long time now. One would have thought that the Covid19 pandemic would have brought the numbers down but on the contrary it have given rise to many more cases of rape and domestic violence even in this turbulent times.
It is a known fact that mostly violence against women is by a known person however there is also a given fact that women face violence and harassment in public places be it on the roads, in public transport, workplaces or in recreational areas. This gender based violence in public places – which may range from non-physical intimidation like staring, obscene comments, gestures to physical intimidation like molestation, assaults and rape continues as a plague and is rising manifold each passing day.

The need of the hour therefore is to develop safe cities and spaces for women to enable them to access their equal right of mobility in the city, to hangout with friends to enjoy themselves in public places without any threats of harassment or sexual violence.

To ensure that women reclaim these public spaces the YWCA of India committed to its mandate to provide safe spaces to women is partnering with Safetipin a social enterprise which uses technology to address this concern.

Safetipin uses a two- pronged approach by involving women to install an App on their phones which they can use to assess their own safety and that of their family and second to use these women to audit their locations to identify unsafe neighborhood which need to be monitored and converted into safe spaces by the respective Government bodies.

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