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Shreveport Reconciliation Dinner 2020 Nomination Form
Participants will be selected to attend the dinner based on a clear, demonstrated record of achievement or potential to promote racial justice and equality. We seek participants who can share their stories, encourage community, excavate our history, and who will continue the dialogue beyond the scope of the dinner. All nominations will be considered by the Reconciliation Dinner Steering Committee with the goal of bringing together participants who are diverse in race, gender identity, age, sexual orientation, socio-economic status, profession, and experience.
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Describe this nominee’s achievements and potential for promoting racial justice and equality. Activities could include advocating change in the community by speaking at public meetings for positive improvements in the neighborhood, registering voters and helping people get to the polls, starting a community garden or neighborhood watch to help integrate their community, working with our youth to help them build a positive future, hosting a meet and greet for candidates who work for racial justice and equality, or any other activity promoting racial equality. *
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