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Enhancement Ideas and Requests Form
Enhancements are broken down into two categories, either as an idea or a request

A. All enhancement ideas submitted are valued as FMS software has always been a crowd built software system based on client's input. Due to the sheer volume of these “ideas”, they cannot be responded to individually. Because of this, we will ask you to submit your idea below. The idea is then submitted to the Design and Development team for their review when time allows. It is solely at the discretion of Design and Development team if your idea is implemented into VLP and if so, when the idea is programmed and released. Even if you feel the idea may be small, please submit. In most cases, ideas with the most requests get worked on first.

B. If you have a request that you must have implemented into VLP, our Sales department will draw up a quote for “priority programming”. Project management will then decide when it is appropriate to to schedule programming to complete your request. The timeline and costs are placed into the Quote. The cost will be based on if the request has merit for all users, or if it must be tied only to your license. Any request will have a minimum charge of $300.00.

Please be assured that all ideas are valued by Freight Management Systems. Every idea has merit and we thank you for taking the time to complete this request form.
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