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2023 唤醒-对齐-出发  Awakened Aligned Assigned - 简体版

一件美事 / 线上中英文讲座 

🌿 主办单位:
一件美事合一促進協會 /台湾
台湾24H大卫会幕祷告中心 (TOD) . 台湾云林祷告殿. 台湾世代合一祷告祭坛. 马来西亚使徒性网络中心. 国度事奉中心(澳门). 国度事奉中心(香港) .

2023年3月主题 :


喚醒亞基布 Archippus Awakening





⏱ 时间:3月 4、11、18
     3天  周六早上 9:30am-12:30pm
     9:00am 将开启Zoom, 请于9:30am前进入 
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喚醒亞基布 事工創辦人
林翰飛  / 新加坡 
Henson Lim / Singapore


林翰飞是《要对亚基布》和《向神对齐 定位检》的作者,“唤醒亚基布”的创建人。“唤醒亚基布” 是一个神所启示的神国项目, 致力于唤醒圣徒去认识并达成神所指派的神国任务。林翰飞曾负责管理一家广告公司长达十四年之久,然后在2004年走向全职事奉。在获得新亚学院的神学硕士学位后,他曾担任事奉学校的校长,后来兼任本地教会的副主任牧师。他被呼召肩负教导和传道的事工,积极地宣扬神的话语,激励众基督徒超越平庸的信仰,活出与耶稣基督呼召相符的信心生活。林翰飞与妻子林美玲育有七个孩子。 


第一堂  3月 04日  另一次的觉醒:谁是亚基布?
第二堂  3月 04日  神国不断前进:同当兵的
第三堂  3月 11日  保持清醒:准备就绪
第四堂  3月 11日  名字的含义?不再心猿意马 
第五堂  3月 18日  定位检查:从装配区到作业区
第六堂  3月 18日  完成赛程:赢得金牌

📍 撒种奉献  /
本讲座不收取费用, 请自由奉献
邀请您在这旅程中一起参与撒种奉献, 让这 “一件美事” 合一异象的推动能祝褔到更多的家人 !


A BEAUTIFUL THING / Zoom Bilinqual Seminar

🌿Organized by A Beautiful Thing - Singapore & Taiwan
Co-organized and support by  
Taiwan 24H Tabernacle of David (TOD) . Taiwan Yunlin Hope . Yunlin House of Prayer Everywhere. 
Taiwan Generations Unity Prayer Altat.  Malaysia Apostolic Networks Centre(MANC) . Kingdom Ministries(Macau). Kingdom Ministries(Hong Kong ). 

Topic of 2023 :
Awakened Aligned Assigned

📍The Purpose of Seminar 

Archippus Awakening

Recent shifts and events have shown that it is no longer church as usual. 
Through the shaking, God has been speaking. But have His people been listening? Are we responding? Or will things remain the same? 

It all begins with an Archippus Awakening. This is the season when God will move through individuals who recognise and identify themselves as Archippuses, seeking to know their assignments and fulfil them. 

Hear what the Lord is saying through Henson Lim to awaken, challenge and prepare you for alignment towards kingdom assignments.

Date:   04、11、18  March 2023
3 Days - Saturday Morning
9:30am - 12:30pm
Zoom will be open at 9:00am.
Kindly enter before 9:30am
Details will be sent via email and Whatsapp or Line .

📍Special Guest Speaker:
Archippus Awakening founder
Henson Lim / Singapore

📍 About Henson Lim
Henson Lim is the author of Say to Archippus and Alignment Check, and founder of Archippus Awakening, a kingdom initiative dedicated to the awakening of saints to know and fulfill their God-given kingdom assignments. Henson managed an advertising agency for 14 years before stepping into ministry in 2004. After obtaining his M.Div from TCA College, he served as Dean of a school of ministry and later, Deputy Senior Pastor of a local church. Called to the ministry of teaching and preaching, he declares the Word of God with a passion to spur others to rise above mediocre Christianity that they may live lives worthy of their calls in Jesus Christ. Henson is married to Serene and they have seven children.

Session # 1 @ Mar 4, 2023
Another Awakening: Who is Archippus?

Session # 2 @ Mar 4, 2023
The Kingdom Advances: Fellow Soldiers

Session # 3 @ Mar 11, 2023
Staying Awake: Ready & Prepared

Session # 4 @ Mar 11, 2023
What’s in a Name? Enough Horsing Around

Session # 5 @ Mar 18, 2023
Alignment Check: AA to AO

Session # 6 @ Mar 18, 2023
Finish the Race: Go for Gold

📍 Sowing a Seed Love gift /
As the seminar is free, we seek your kind generosity to bless this ministry with your love offering.
We would love to have you bless this ministry by sowing a seed, so that “A Beautiful Thing” could keep the unity and enlarge our vision to bless more believers in the Kingdom.  

🌿 聯繫窗口/  一件美事 
Organized by A Beautiful Thing
Whatsapp: A Beautiful Thing +65 9758 1296

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