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VSA UTA Reunion IV Survey
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How would you rate Reunion IV?
How was the registration and payment process?
How were the foods?
How were the choices of beverages/refreshment?
How would you rate Entertainment/Band/Singers, etc?
How would you rate the audio system?
How would you rate the venue and its location?
Would you like to see/contribute to the yesteryear pictures?
What would be the ideal cost per person for the event?
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What needs to be improved for the next Reunion?
How likely are you to attend reunion again in the future?
Would you be willing to pay a 3% convenience fee for on-line/credit card payment?
How could we improve Registration and Payment Collection?
How often should a reunion be held?
Would you and your family interested in picnic or camping next year?
What would be the best month to hold a picnic?
What would be the best month to hold a camping?
What other events would you recommend?
Would you like to volunteer to help us with future events?
Do you have comments/suggestions?
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