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OzSecCon 2019 - Call For Workshops
OzSecCon is looking for workshops to teach practical aspects around physical security and the digital components that underlay it. If you think you'd like to run an event, please fill in the below form and we will be in touch.

This call for workshops will close March 31st 2019.

We will endeavor to assist with resources and materials for workshops as well as flights and accommodation as long as it is within our budget. If you require these and are unable to provide them or make your own arrangements for flights and accommodation, please let us know below.

Examples of workshops include:
- Key Impressioning
- Lock Picking
- Safe Cracking
- RFID Card Cloning
- Tool manufacturing processes
- Binary reverse engineering
- Challenge lock making
- Tamper evident seal attacks
- Wireless Alarm System hacking

We would love to run all of these workshops again (and more!) but we need people to do it!

If you have any questions prior to filling out this form, please contact or get in touch with us via twitter @OzSecCon

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