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Townhall 3 - Finance and Administration
Please take a few moments to respond to this brief survey. These surveys give each person the opportunity to have a voice to leadership, and help lead us in the direction which best serves our families.
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By God’s Grace the “New Start from the Heart” campaign has reduced our short term and long-term debt by how much?
If God blessed SJLS and church with a $200,000.00 donation and you oversaw spending the money, what would be your top priority?
What does the bible suggest is the proper a biblical tithe?
Does the staff of SJLS & Church provide more value than the paycheck they receive?
Would you support the expansion of the Endowment Fund and use only the proceeds (interest) to help offset the operating budget?
Should all SJLS students pay the same tuition (member and non-member)?
Is it time to seriously consider a school expansion program (building campaign)?
Are you tired of hearing about money and debt at the church and school? What can or should we do about it?
Other ideas that may help:
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We should monitor spending better so we won't be in debt.
We should never borrow from Special Funds.
Sometimes I get upset when only a few seem to pay for it all!
Being in debt is a way of life even for the church.
I would like leadership to explore more third source funding options.
The school is a major cause of our money issues and spends way too much money.
I am doing as much as I can. Financially I cannot contribute anymore.
I would like to see more regular reviews of our Profit and Loss statements, along with explanations.
The SMP has ESTIMATED that in order to keep pace with our current rate of spending and not increase debt - we must increase our annual income by 6% or $160,000.00, how do we do that?
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If SJLS is short of funds after tuition comes in how should we pay for that?
Should we have a debt drive yearly?
Should we regularly post our giving shortfall?
Should we promote more electronic giving, a kiosk, or an app like Dip Jar?
Is now the time for a business administrator?
If we don't get an administrator how do we get more volunteers?
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Any additional comments or suggestions:
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