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Introduction to Neurolinguistics - Registration
By submitting this form you are registering to the 5-day course (Monday, April 24th - Friday, April 28th 2017) Introduction to Neurolinguistics.

This introductory course is intended to unravel the foundations of Neurolinguistics, a branch of Cognitive Neuroscience. To fulfill this aim, we will discuss historical and current issues regarding basic brain anatomy, localization, lateralization of language functions and brain imaging. Topics on language acquisition and processing and language impairment will also be addressed. Despite the fact that the course is accessible to the general audience, since most students come from a linguistic background, the potential role of neurolinguistics to provide further evidence for theoretical linguistic hypothesis will also be included in the program.



a) Foundations of the discipline, basic anatomy and neuroimaging.
b) Introduction to speech and language pathologies and diagnostic methods.
c) Experimental techniques.


a) How to approach multidisciplinary articles.
b) Development and implementation of experimental tasks.


Evaluation: For those interested in taking the exam, in addition to the group exercises to be done in class, the evaluation will consist of a final test and the write-up of a one-page project proposal.

Language requirements: English is the official language of the course.

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