You are invited to participate in the survey for an academic research paper titled ' Measuring Consumers' Perception of Corporate Social Responsibility in Pakistan'. This paper is part of course 'Research Methods and Techniques' for Doctoral degree in Management Science. The purpose of the study is to gain a deeper understanding of consumers' perception of corporate social responsibility in Pakistan and whether CSR has an impact on consumers' buying behavior.
The survey will take about 7-10 minutes to complete. You are guaranteed full confidentiality and the data provided will be aggregated to ensure anonymity. You may get a copy of the findings if desired. Your time and efforts are sincerely appreciated.
    Involvement of firm in CSR activities
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    I would pay more to buy products from a socially responsible company.
    I consider the ethical reputation of businesses when I shop.
    I avoid buying products from companies that have engaged in immoral actions
    I would pay more to buy products from companies that show care for the well-being of our society.
    If the price and quality of two products are the same, I would buy from a firm that has a socially responsible reputation.
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    help underdeveloped countries.
    support social and cultural activities (arts, culture, sports) in the region where it operates.
    develop projects in poor countries supporting humanitarian causes.
    reduce its consumption of natural resources.
    make its production process more environmentally friendly.
    make its products as natural as possible.
    look after consumers’ rights (in terms of after-sales service, guarantees, information).
    treat customers fairly.
    provide consumers with accurate information about the products’ composition.
    treat workers fairly irrespective of gender and ethnic or religious background.
    create jobs.
    guarantee employees’ health and safety.
    protect employee rights.
    act in accordance with current laws and legislation.
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    maximize profits.
    control their production costs strictly.
    plan for their long term success.
    always improve economic performance.
    ensure that their employees act within the standards defined by the law.
    refrain from neglecting their contractual obligations
    avoid bending the law even this helps improve performance.
    always submit to the principles defined by law.
    give preference to ethical principles even if it negatively affects their economic performance.
    ensure that the respect of ethical principles has priority over economic performance.
    be committed to well-defined ethical principles.
    avoid compromising ethical standards in order to achieve corporate goals.
    help solve social problems.
    participate in the matters of public affairs.
    allocate some of their resources to philanthropic activities.
    play a role in our society that goes beyond profit making.
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    Protection of the environment
    Protection of human rights
    Protection of children’s rights
    Protection of animals
    Protection of consumer rights
    Protection of employee rights
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