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Mentorship Application
Thank you for your interest in supporting impactful charities as a CE Mentor.

Mentors have a profound impact on the success of Charity Entrepreneurship's nonprofits. In the words of one of our mentees, "Having a mentor who’s been where you are before really helps to smooth out the rollercoaster of the start-up experience. They’ve experienced the same ups and downs and have a clearer perspective on how it’s all part of growth and progress."

Mentors will be contacted based on demand from existing or future CE charities. Typically the CE team contacts mentors towards the end of the incubation program (August/March). If there is a fit, the CE team will make personal introductions between mentors and charities.

For more information, questions, or feedback, please feel free to contact 
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(Optional) What is your expected availability if you were to find a good fit with a mentee?
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(Optional) Often, experience of a particular location can be immensely helpful to our charities, particularly when they are trying to operate there. Where in the world have you worked?
(Optional) Often, experience in a particular subject matter or field of expertise can be immensely helpful to our charities. Please indicate any areas of specialism.
What aspects of starting and running an Effective Altruism aligned charity do you feel you could help mentees with? (Please list items separated by commas. E.g. Strategy, Accessing NGO networks in Kenya, Researching the latest findings in alternative protein studies, etc)
You can learn about our charities here:
(Optional) Which charity or charities do you feel you could particularly help and what could you help them with?
Examples might be: "I have experience influencing policy in Malawi. I might be able to help LEEP understand how to navigate political channels there". Or "I've worked on a research team that focussed on animal nutrition. I think I could help Healthier Hens with their work on feed fortification".  
(Optional) Are there any additional areas of interest you would like to work on with a mentee charity or anything else you'd like to add?
(Optional) Is there anything else you'd like to include or ask us?
Thank you. We really appreciate your interest. Mentoring is a vital aspect of the support we offer our incubatees. We will review your answers periodically. If we find a great match we'll be in touch!
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