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Commission Request for Traditional Art from Art Vibes
Let's make some art.
What your name? - Please include your username if you found me from social media (twitch, Instagram, etc.)
What can I make for you? *
How many people would you like in this painting? - Add $15 for each person after 1 person (your first person is included in the base portrait price) *
How many animals would you like in this painting? - Add $15 for each animal after 1 animal (your first animal is included in the base price, no need to pay extra for just one animal). *
You'll pay 50% of the base price before Brittany starts this artwork. You can pay here: *
You'll pay 50% of the base price (plus shipping/handling) after Brittany finishes this painting and before she sends you the artwork. *
What address would you like your artwork to be sent to? *
What would you like Brittany to paint for you? - Attach reference images here: *
If applicable, provide a description here:
This is going to be painted in Brittany's style. She doesn't do chibi, Anime, Manga etc. If you don't know what her style is, check out her portfolio *
Brittany will most likely include this use this in her online portfolios. (see *
Don't pay Brittany until she has approved your request. How can she contact you whether she approves or not? When you get approved you can pay her at : *
Do you have any additional questions for the artist?
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