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Creative Resilience Club
In today's uncertain times, we are hearing stories about people getting laid off, furloughed, pay cuts or losing contracts with clients. It is normal to feel insecure at a time like this. Instead of bottling up our anxieties and stress, how might we support and learn from each other?

This is why Creative Resilience Club is created. Creative Resilience Club exists to share tools and insights to help you build careers and influence in Asia.

Joining Creative Resilience Club, we will have a 60 minute coffee or Google Hangout session to discuss a topic of your choice, such as: How to position yourself in Asia's market? How to charge as a freelancer? How to find your niche as an Asian creative?

Here's a 3 minute survey to understand more about you.
My next availability is September 2020.
Thanks ( `◕‿◕´ ) ♫ ♪

Jess Tang

Founder of Creative Resilience Club
Founder of DUMPLING
Senior Consultant at WGSN

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