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2019 SR-7B Conclave Powwow Team Dance Registration
To make the Powwow Team Dance Competition as painless as possible for both Section AIA and Lodge AIA, we ask that all Lodges complete this online registration form. Acceptable dances must be NON-RELIGIOUS. Dances that are not accepted include Gourd Dancing and any form of masked dance. Acceptable performances would be a short program a Lodge may put on for a Cub Scout Pack, Council Event, or an outside organization. Acceptable dances may include a synchronized line dance one may find at a modern powwow competition, a specialty dance (Sneak up for Northern Traditional Dancers, Trot for Southern Straight Dancers, Ruffle for Chicken Dancers, etc), or any combination of these or similar dances. Music may be sung live by Lodge youth drum team or played electronically. Lodges who use electronic music must arrange means to play so ahead of time. Teams must consist of a minimum of four individuals. Teams are limited to a time frame of fifteen minutes. Multiple dances are not required. For details regarding what is appropriate and what is not, see the NOAC 2015 Historical Team Dance Competiton Guidelines (

This form must be submitted by April 1st, 2018.

Robbie Bass
SR-7B AIA Chairman

Matt Hodges
SR-7B AIA Co-Adviser

Eddie Cahoon
SR-7B AIA Co-Adviser

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