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Retail Purchasing Account Application (Left Justified Studio & Prolific Games)
The information you provide here will be used by Left Justified LLC to decide whether to offer you a retail purchasing account.

Retail purchasing accounts offer a substantial discount compared to other ways of buying our games, so we take them pretty seriously. We reserve the sole authority to determine to whom we extend retail purchasing accounts. We decide based on criteria of our choosing, which we reserve the right to change at any time.

Read more about our retail philosophy and terms on the Left Justified Studio & Prolific Games website:
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What's the name of your store? *
How many locations do you have, and where are they located? (Just the country, state, and city for each — we don't need street addresses.) *
If you're willing to tell us, about how many people work for you, across all of your locations?
What's your store's rough annual revenue, if you're willing to tell us? (Combine all locations.)
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About how much of your inventory is discounted or on sale at any given time? (However your customers might reasonably define, "on sale.")
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What's your name? (The person filling out this form.) *
Where could we reach you by email? (You can email us at jeff at left dash justified dot com.) *
If we wanted to talk to you on the phone, where would we call you? (You can call us at 323-253-6258.) *
At your store, are you a… (check all that apply) *
Would you be willing to join our Facebook group for retailers? (You can do it now if you want:
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Of the emails that you get from publishers, how many would you say that you skim, read, or interact with in a meaningful way?
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How do you feel about us sending emails to your staff, oriented around helping them sell our games to the gamers in your store?
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What kinds of games tend to succeed in your store?
What kinds of games tend to fail in your store?
What mutually beneficial things would help us make sure our games to succeed in your store? (We’re super serious about this question! We’re a small company that can just try things, so feel free to pitch us your ideas that would never fly at the big France- and Seattle-based conglomerates.) *
Thank you!
We appreciate you taking the time to fill this out! We know that there's a ton of administrative busywork involved in running a store, and that you have many, many choices about which games to stock. You'll hear back from us soon. If you want to reach out to say more, or find out about the status of your application, you can email jeff at left dash justified dot com.
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