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Player & Team Skills Competition
The Player and Skills competition will take place at the conclusion of the day on Thursday, July 13 at Thunder Park (about 1 mile from the Harlem and Forest Hills sports complexes). Start time is planned for 6pm
Thunder Park
5402 Swanson Rd
Roscoe, IL 61073

The events are designed to involve 12 players from a team to participate

1) Around the Horn
- Pitcher, Home, 2nd, 1st, 3rd, 2nd, Home
- Each 5 person team will receive 2 attempt
- Best time wins

2) Fastest Team
- 4 runners from Home to Home
- Each 4 person team will receive 2 attempts
- Best time wins

3) Accuracy Contest
- 2 players from each team can throw for accuracy from a distance
- Each Participant will receive 3 throws from 2 outfield locations

4) Home Run Derby
- 1 player from each team
- 10 swings / batted balls
- Each participant to supply their own pitcher

Please list the first and last name of each participany

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Around the Horn (5 participants)
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Accuracy Contest (2 participants)
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Home Run Derby (1 participant)
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