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What local news matters most to you?
Last year we asked you to tell us about the news and information that is most important to you locally. You gave us many answers that we used to focus our coverage on health and safety, education and families as well as housing and development. As we grow, we want to continue to prioritize what's most important to you, and the ways that you want to get information.

Our 2022 audience survey is essential to our planning and helps us be sure we are serving our broad and diverse communities in Charlottesville, Albemarle County and those who care about this region.

These questions should take you less than five minutes to answer. We do not share any identifiable information outside our team; when we share results, we only show total numbers and anonymized comments. At the end of the survey, we explain how you can connect with us personally if you'd like.
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Based on feedback from the community, we have invested in covering city and county government, public health and safety, education and families, housing and land use, as well as equity and racial justice. Which other local issues do you want more information about? Check one box for each type of reporting you'd like to see.
This is my first priority. I need this information most.
I would like more of this information than I already get.
I get enough of this information elsewhere.
I don't have a strong opionion.
Business and entrepreneurship
More about counties surrounding Charlottesville and Albemarle County
Listings of local events and entertainment
Arts and culture
UVA as a public institution
Information for people who are new to the area
We know these categories and topics don't cover everything. What else is important to you in local news?
Where do you talk about news or issues in Charlottesville and surrounding counties most often? These can be physical or virtual spaces, specific organizations, groups or events.
Do you feel that Charlottesville Tomorrow helps you better understand your neighbors? *
(Optional) That last question is really important to us and how we want to serve this community. We'd love to know why you answered the way you did.
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