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Middle School Honors Program       Nomination Form
Please read the characteristics commonly associated with gifted students.  The Middle School Honors Program also serves the high achieving student in one or more content areas.
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 If a student consistently demonstrates 3 or more of the characteristics below please consider this child for further evaluation.
Uses advanced language unassumingly
Asks lots of questions
Interprets another’s point of view
Adds interesting components to enhance products
Laughs at teacher’s jokes (when no one else “gets” them”)
Understands and responds to the use of puns and riddles
Regularly performs significantly above grade level
Requires minimum repetition for mastery
Pursues issues atypical of age-mates
Demonstrates intense task commitment and energy while pursuing interests
Wants to do things independently
Regularly scores above average on tests, but doesn’t necessarily complete class assignments in a timely/complete manner
Demonstrates complex and abstract thinking
Creates songs, stories and riddles related to learning
Exhibits an intense concern for human issues
Expresses high expectations of self and others
Senses discord and dissatisfaction
Loves learning!

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