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天邊外劇場(香港)《盧亭》觀眾問卷 Audience Questionnaire of Lu-ting the Merman by Theatre Horizon (Hong Kong)
您的意見對天邊外劇場日後的創作會有很大的幫助。Your feedback will contribute greatly in the development of Theatre Horizon.
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看完演出,你最想問劇作者的是甚麼問題?After watching the show, what would you like to ask the playwright?
你最想問導演的是甚麼問題?Do you have any questions for the director?
這個演出能不能引起你的共鳴?請說明。Did you feel a connection with the show? Please elaborate.
請自由發表您的觀後感。Please share your thoughts about the show with us.
你以後會留意天邊外劇場的演出嗎? Will you be interested in Theatre Horizon's upcoming shows?
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